Poetry Standards by grade

K Recite poems, rhymes, and songs that develop phonemic awareness (size, color shape).
1 Recite poems, rhymes, songs, and stories that develop phonemic awareness (sensory detail).
2 Identify use of rhythm, rhyme, and alliteration in poetry.
3 Identify musical elements of literary language e.g. rhymes repeated sounds, instances of onomatopoeia.
Read poetry aloud with fluency rhythm and pace using appropriate intonation and vocal patterns.
4 Use concrete sensory details.
Recite 2,3-stanza poems, soliloquies, or dramatic dialogues using clear diction, tempo, volume, and phrasing.
5 Describe the function and effect of common literary devices e.g. imagery, metaphor, symbolism.
6 Define how tone or meaning is conveyed in poetry through word choice, figurative language, sentence structure, line length, punctuation, rhythm, repetition, and rhyme.
7 Identify idioms, analogies, metaphors, and similes in poetry.
Determine and articulate the relationship between the purposes and characteristics of different forms of poetry e.g. ballad,  lyric, couplet, epic, elegy, ode, sonnet.
Identify significant literary devices e.g. metapor, symbolism, dialect, irony.