Circulation Policies

Students must present their current Hesby Oaks Library card to the Teacher Librarian.

Student Check-out procedures
  • No more than 2 items can be check out.
  • Students must have a clear library record.
  • Students must have a signed Acceptable Use Policy on file to use the computers of check out materials.
 Check-out period
  • Magazines are loaned for two weeks.  They must be returned with the laminated barcode with which they were checked out.
  • Fiction and Non-Fiction books are loaned for two weeks. 
  • To renew a book, you must bring the books to the LMC on or before the due date.  Books can be renewed once for an additional 2 weeks.
  • Some Reference materials may be check-out.  These materials can only be checked out overnight.  They must be returned before 8:00 am without incurring a fee.
  • The LMC can hold a book for one day only.  Please fill out your name and homeroom number on a piece of paper and place it in the book.  Give the book to the teacher librarian or the library assistant.
  • Overdue books or magazines – 10 cents per day
  • Overdue reference - $1.00 per day
 Damaged or lost materials
  • Magazines - $10.00
  • Magazine cards - $3.00
  • Books - $25.00
  • Reference books - $50.00
  • Audio books - $50.00
  • Textbooks - $50.00-$90.00

General Library Media Center Rules

1.     To use the LMC during class hours you must have a pink library pass
      filled out and signed by your teacher.

2.     Upon entering the LMC, you must sign-in and check in with the Teacher

3.     To use the computer or check out books you must have your current
      Hesby Oaks Library Card and an Acceptable Use Policy on file in the
      LMC.  You must have a clear record.

4.     The LMC is not a social place.  You must have a purpose and get right
      to work.  Voices are to be kept to a minimum.

5.     Backpacks are to be placed on the floor under the desk.

6.     No food, gum, drinks, or candies are allowed in the LMC.

7.     If you take books off the shelf, place them on the book cart. 

8. When leaving, pick up all materials and trash, and push in your chair